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Vertical Slider

Vertical slider vinyl windows open vertically on sliding tracks. These are the most common vinyl windows as they are unobtrusive in design and are energy efficient.

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Garden Windows

Garden vinyl windows are usually used in kitchens, and can make a room seem larger by extending outward in the outdoor space. Garden windows often come with a glass roof, side venting panels, and a shelf for plants or knick-knacks.

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Single Hung


A single-hung window has one fixed sash on the top and one move able sash on the bottom. This allows it to slide up from the bottom, partially covering the top sash. They typically do not have the capability to tilt in and out.


Horizontal Slider

Horizontal slider vinyl windows are similar to vertical slider, except they open horizontally rather than vertically. These vinyl windows are most commonly used for basement openings.

bay window.jpg



Bay and bow windows are similar to garden windows, except they project outward at angles rather than with 90 degree lines. Bay windows typically have a center picture window frames with an angled casement or vertical windows on each side called flankers

double hung.jpg

Double Hung


A double-hung window has two stacked, move able sashes (the part of the window that holds the pane). This allows the window to slide down from the top and up from the bottom meaning both sashes can open at the same time.


Casement Windows



Casement vinyl windows crank outward, and are lauded for their energy efficiency and streamlined appearance.

bow windows.jpg




Bay and bow windows are similar to garden windows, except they project outward at angles rather than with 90 degree lines.Bow windows are generally made up of four or more separate window panels.


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