Why You Should Replace Your Doors

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Increase Perceived Home Value

A recent independent online survey of 2,400 homeowners who responded to photos of either enhanced or unenhanced homes, showed that a new Therma-Tru entry door can increase the perceived value of the home an average of 4.2 percent, or $18,750. The perception of higher value is far greater than the cost to install a new entry door. Knowing that 90% of homebuyers look at photos on the internet of homes they’re interested in purchasing, there is a renewed emphasis on redesigning home exteriors, which may include mixing building materials, adding front porches and using creative molding around doors and windows.

Increase Your Home’s Security

Technological advances in building materials have made exterior doors more secure than their predecessors. Quality fiberglass and steel-skinned doors are beautifully crafted, energy efficient, easy to maintain, and secure including locking capabilities that surpass those of older wood doors. New door construction is layered to resist forced entry. Constructed in sections bonded together, the modern-day door is molded from one-piece skin on each side of the door which creates a stronger door overall. Even doors and sidelites that contain glass can be more secure than ever before and nearly impossible to break through when using laminated safety glass. Combined with integrated multi-point locking systems, upgrading your door is a great step in upgrading your home’s security.

Energy Efficiency

New doors have better insulation properties, allowing them to hold heat in during winter and keep it out during summer.  Most steel and fiberglass doors are filled with a polyurethane foam insulation, contain an integrated and durable bottom rubber sweep, and use quality compression weather stripping on the frame to seal out the elements.  More than 80% of Therma-Tru door and glass options are ENERGY STAR qualified and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified.  ENERGY STAR is a government program that helps consumers save money on energy costs and protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Beautify Your Home

The front door has evolved to be more than just a focal point at the entry of a home. In fact, it is considered an important element in giving the home a distinct look that reflects the homeowner’s personality and style. A larger variety of door styles are available than ever before. Popular styles fit every architectural styling, incorporating panel patterns, sidelites, transoms, applied mouldings, and much more. Decorative insulated glass options allow more natural light into the home while adding beauty and privacy. Additionally, these doors are available factory pre-finished in the most popular current color trends.

Durability and Reduced Maintenance

Modern steel and fiberglass doors with reinforced engineered cores that resist warping are far more durable than wood models. The exterior construction and materials are not susceptible to chipping, peeling and bubbling like wood doors. Although many quality wood doors will last a lifetime as well, the primary difference lies in the required maintenance. Wood doors require more routine painting or sealing. Fiberglass and steel doors are non-porous, resistant to expansion and contraction, and therefore hold their finish and beauty longer.

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