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Cedar Shake

People have used cedar shake siding forever.  Cedar is a rich, hardy wood with beautiful colors and hues. It withstands the weather better than most other woods.  It has long been a prized home siding material.  Vinyl cedar shake looks like real wood without the high cost and high maintenance associated with real wood.  


Certainteed Ducth Lap

Dutch Lap and Smooth Lap are two of the most poplar vinyl siding styles in the clapboard family. The difference is the grove on the top edge (dutch-lap) and one smooth with no grove (clapboard).

horizontal lap.jpg

Horizontal Lap

Horizontal or Clapboard siding is siding that runs across the house, horizontally hence the name.  Sometimes called 'traditional lap' siding because it has been around for centuries.  Comes is several popular 'styles' such as Dutch Lap, Beaded and Flat.  It also comes in many different textures that look just like real wooden planks. The different vinyl siding styles within clapboard would include dutch lap, beaded and lap. Each would have different textures, lengths, widths, thicknesses, 

vertical panel.jpg

Vertical Panels

Vertical siding, runs up and down the house, vertically. It usually consists of wide boards with a smaller board or 'batten' used to seal the crack where the two wide boards meet.  This makes it very weather tight and helps keep the harsh winter winds out.  It has been used for hundreds of years and is still very popular.  

beaded clapboard.jpg

Beaded Clapboard

Beaded clapboard siding has a bead on the bottom edge of the siding. This was hand carved in olden days creating a unique and sophisticated look.

smooth lap.jpg

Smooth Lap Clapboard

Smooth Lap clapboard looks like long painted wooden planks. It is used for Restoration of older homes or to create the Colonial look. Note the smooth panels with no additional shadow lines. Looks like freshly painted wooded boards. Traditional clapboard type.  Also referred to as 'traditional lap siding'.


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